Clergy Caucus


What is The Clergy Caucus?
The Clergy Caucus is an organizing table made up of clergy representing an interfaith assembly, i.e., mosque, temple, parish, church.

What is the focus of The Clergy Caucus?
To provide a forum for religious leaders to meet one another and collectively work towards two primary goals:

  • Cooperating with each other to build their congregations.
  • Strengthening PRISCM into a power organization to benefit their congregants and their congregations.

What is the role of the The Clergy Caucus?

  • Catalyst for relationship building
  • Catalyst for powerful action

What is the Mission/Vision of The Clergy Caucus?

  • Build peer relationships by sharing joys, struggles, disappointments and hopes
  • Strengthen denominational and judicatory connections for organizing efforts
  • Serve as a sounding board for task force ideas, actions and issues


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