OUR PURPOSE is to unite people of faith and others who share our values in a powerful entity that can impact issues affecting people in our congregations and communities, especially those who are economically and/or politically disenfranchised; and to utilize these issues and the tools of congregation based community organizing to build relevant, strong, vibrant communities of faith.

PRISCM is an affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation. The Gamaliel Foundation consists of a network of over 60 grassroots, interfaith, interracial, multi-issue organizations, working together to create a more just and more democratic society.

The Gamaliel Foundation serves over 1,000,000 people throughout the United States, South Africa, Kenya and Great Britain. Member organizations within the Gamaliel Network allow ordinary people to effectively participate in the political, environmental, social and economic decisions affecting their lives. The network also helps to create, train and sustain such organizations and is the vehicle for these member organizations to act; on both a national and international level.

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